Stay Safe

In response to the COVID outbreak we have introduced a rigorous housekeeping protocol including antibacterial products that meet NHS guidelines on preventing the spread of Coronavirus to ensure we provide a safe and clean environment for work and relaxation.

  • Anti-bacterial hand sanitiser is provided at the entrance to the building. All visitors are encouraged to use this on entry.
  • We have upgraded our cleaning products to industrial standard (manufactured by CHEMEX International). "Bacticlean", "FAD" and "ENDURO" are Quat disinfectants (Quaternary ammonium compounds) and align with NHS guidelines on preventing the spread of Coronavirus.
  • We will complete frequent cleaning of all high frequency touch points throughout the building including the check in kiosk, door handles, TV controls and light switches. Our linen supplier, Regency Laundry, has raised the temperature of the wash cycle to over 71 degrees Celcius and uses a process called Thermo-Chemical Disinfection following advice from industry experts on how to eradicate COVID-19 from textiles .
  • Housekeepers have been issued with all necessary PPE equipment and are working on custom shifts to avoid unnecessary close interaction.
  • We have been certified as Good to Go, the COVID-19 industry standard and consumer mark, providing a 'ring of confidence' that clear processes are in place and that as a business we are good to go.

These processes are just the first steps in creating a Clean & Safe environment. We ask all guests to play their part by washing their hands, using the anti-bac products provided, and observing 2 meters social distancing whilst in any communal areas.

At Beaumont House our rooms are designed to offer you space, comfort, and peace in the heart of our beautiful town. Whether you are with us for work or leisure, relax in the knowledge you are in safe hands.

CHEMEX Anti-Bacterial products:
Bacticlean, Kleenall, ENDURO hand sanitiser